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Become an established academic - publish your thesis as a book

Completing your thesis is a major personal milestone and a labour of love.  However, given their dry, repetitive & formulaic structures, they don't make for a good read and are thus not suitable for publication as a non-fiction book in their extant format. 

We have the expertise to edit and restructure your thesis to transform it into a more accessible non-fiction work, one that is aimed at a wider audience & we also have the know-how to get it published to reach a far wider audience, including many lay readers.     

Why let your great work gather dust in some academic library when it can gain you far wider recognition?  




We can transform your  thesis into a non-fiction book for as little as £50 per thousand words†, which includes:

  • Restructuring the format to make it more accessible

  • Converting inline referencing to footnotes

  • Removing rubric & repetition

  • Providing a synopsis & précis


Your initial consultation is entirely free, so why delay – contact us today!

† depending on the number of elements and size of the book.  Prices may vary per thousand words according to the package selected.

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