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Our fees range from £45 per thousand words for edited audio transcriptions to £95 per thousand words for a bespoke work of fiction, £65 per thousand words for an audiobook and, ultimately, £150 per thousand words for original intellectual research & writing.  

Alternatively, you may desire to draft a version yourself and leave one of our expert editors the task of polishing the work from as little as £35 per thousand words.  Thus the cost of  our services is less than 10% of the royalties expected from a bestseller.  You make the 90% — after all, it's your fame & fortune...


Naturally, we cannot divulge the names of our clients or published titles, past or present — that would be a breach of our sacred client confidentiality.   We can however seek to inspire you with the range of genres that might serve to continue your success story.

How to Get Rich

by Felix Dennis

This classic biography & confessional sold millions due to its engaging veracity.  


Possibly one of the best (and most useful) biographies ever written...

Secret Diary of a Call Girl


​This 'kiss & tell' autobiography, detailing the real life adventures of a London call girl, made one former escort rich & famous.  


A moonlighting PhD student went from the laboratory to the silver screen by recounting the strangely dysfunctional tale of life between the sheets within the nocturnal demimonde of London.

The Four Hour Work Week

by Timothy Ferriss

This former entrepreneur made his real fortune when he published the secrets of how he made money without working too hard...


Sound too good to be true?  Think again...

The Secret Footballer

by a Premier League and International Soccer Star


This famous footballer delicately weaves his way between the referee and the tram lines of truth as he reveals the intrigue, sexual antics, bravado and big money that makes the world's favourite sport such compelling viewing.


This insider's story reveals the hidden side of the beautiful game, as he goes beneath the skin to offer the perspective of the young, rich libertines who entertain the masses.


Secret Barrister.jpg
The Secret Barrister

by Anonymous

This undercover barrister dares to tell all about the inherently flexible & underfunded nature of the British criminal justice system.   If you had ever wondered how leading villains often get off so lightly, then this eloquent work provides a cosy read for conspiracy theorists...

Nathalie: Confessions of a Fashion Model

by Nathalie Augustina

This exposé affords a glimpse into the often terrifyingly dark side of the fashion industry, lifting the veil on the altogether less glamorous side of the 'sexploitation' that afflicts this demimonde.

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