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Why was Star Ghostwriters founded?


Star Ghostwriters was founded in response to a growing demand for such a service within an existing publishing house.  


Star Ghostwriters serve to provide successful people with the book that they would desire to write themselves, if only they had the time & were not leading such busy, productive lives.  


Given that a celebrity book may sell well over a million copies, an established figure can expect to earn a substantial fortune from a biography or novel.  Thus a ghostwritten biography or exposé could earn you another fortune, simply by investing pennies for every pound returned.  So why not give us a try?  You know it makes financial sense...



How can you gainfully employ our services?



If you've never used a ghost writer before, the prospect may at first seem a little daunting.


Our first step is to put your mind at ease.  Both the agency and the ghost writer will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your personal privacy & information.  The intellectual work is, & remains entirely yours.  The initial consultation is entirely free and there are no strings attached.


The first stage of the process is to discuss whether you would prefer an autobiography, a work of fiction, or an academic book to be written. As we retain over a hundred writers, editors & academics in our stable, we can readily provide all three services. 


We will then proceed to outline the title & structure of your book.  This takes the form of a short proposal.  Again, there is no upfront fee.  Once this has been established, we can then select the ghost writer most ideally suited to your requirements.


The book you have commissioned is then written one chapter at a time, with your approval for each chapter sought before we move on to the next one.  You can send your directions as an audio file or as an Email, as you prefer.  As you only pay for one chapter at a time, there is no undue haste or sudden strain placed upon your cash flow.  We run the service entirely at your pace.

We proceed until the book is completed to your satisfaction, from artwork to publication.  After your book has been completed, we can publish it for you, leave it entirely in your hands, or negotiate with prospective publishers on your behalf.  The choice is yours.   


So why not give us a call today?

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