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What do all celebrities have in common?  A book!

In a world that is increasingly dominated by social media & the cult of celebrity, it seems that nothing succeeds quite like success — the winners taking all the spoils in the form of paid appearances, invitations & endorsements.


Yet, despite their diverse backgrounds and social accolades, all celebrities do have one trait in common (other than their readiness to appear in front of the camera) — they have all published a book charting their adventures, achievements & aspirations.

If your inner diva yearns to share the secrets of all your parties, travels and exploits, then Star Ghostwriters are here to help you to make your story become the next news sensation, or perhaps even a reality show or feature film…

Why leave success to others when you can achieve your own cult status of celebrity? 


We at Star Ghostwriters have the experience and know-how to turn your story into a bestseller and, from the first formative outline of the narrative to the final letter to the publishers, we will guide you through every step of the way…

Your initial consultation is entirely free, so why delay – contact us today!



We are now offering a bespoke writing & media package from as little as £85 per thousand words†, which includes:


  • The transcription, writing & editing of your story

  • A professional website, complete with Email account & social media connectivity

  • Promotional videos & images

  • Publication guidance


† depending on the number of elements and size of the book.  Prices may vary per thousand words according to the package selected.

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