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Leave your story as your legacy

We all cherish our loved ones although, alas, at some point in the not too distant future, we will have to leave them behind.


Yet our bond with the generations we have nurtured is incomplete, for we have omitted to share the story of all those decades that they missed before entering our world our life story, our family history, and all those joyful moments & milestones they were unable to be a part of.


For all the money & property we may bequeath, what our loved ones cherish most dearly is to hear our voice once again & to wallow nostalgically in our happiest memories.   Secretly they yearn to learn how we met our partners; to know what it was like to be young in our day & age; and to take pride in hearing how we left our mark upon the world.

Your initial consultation is entirely free, so why delay – contact us today..?



We are now offering a tailored package from as little as £85 per thousand words​  which includes:

  • A complimentary voice recorder

  • The transcription, writing & editing of your memoirs

  • A professional website, complete with Email account & social media connectivity

  • Promotional videos & images

  • Complimentary publication 

 depending on the number of elements and size of the book.  Prices may vary per thousand words according to the package selected.

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