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Why hiring a ghostwriter pays dividends

It often seems in our digital day and age, in which everything is in theory automated, that we appear to have less time than we did before the dawn of the Internet. For those who have successfully navigated the treacherous rocks of misfortune, fended off fierce competition, or survived against all odds, there may be the added motivation to share your adventures, wisdom and insights. It is often enlightening to recount past glories, heroics and narrow escapes to those who wish to wonder. It may even save time at the dinner table not having to repeat yourself endlessly. There is also the temptation to share your trade secrets and escapades, as our culture is built on the passage of collective memories through the generations. This brings us back to the realm of reality and the thorny tangles of time. Where does the busy entrepreneur, model, actor, artist or socialite find the countless hours required to put pen to paper or, less figuratively speaking, fingers to keyboard? As with most aspects of life's complex and colourful maze, there are service providers who exist to transform memoirs into 'autobiographies' and exposés. A few Skype interviews, Emails or archived files are all that are required to transform an exceptional life into print and, if the fates are willing, perhaps even a bestseller or a classic of the silver screen? So how much would it cost to have a silver-fingered writer immortalise your wisdom and memories in the form of words? From all accounts from 'as little as' a few thousand dollars to around ten thousand with a reputable agency. OK, so far so good, but do the sums add up? Royalties typically range from 8-25%, depending on whether we are referring to an e-book, hardback or paperback or, in this day and age, all three. In terms of biographies alone, since 2001, the average number of copies sold by the best-selling 50 titles was over 400,000 copies, grossing over $7 million (each), although autobiographies stacked up poorly in relation to romantic sagas at 0.58% of all book sales in comparison to 11.26% for the genre of 'Fifty Shades of Gray'. Clearly publishing accommodates all walks of life and, if conservative biographies can make millions you can imagine the potential dividends of a 'kiss and tell' exposé from a celebrity model, actress, or Wall Street insider. So 10% of $7 million doesn't sound too bad a return on investment on a down payment of $10,000 after all? Clearly those who pursue ghosts, or rather ghostwriters, might be smarter than you think...

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