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How do we provide value?

We seek to provide a final polished product that meets with all your aspirations & expectations. We achieve this through the following commitments:

[1] We source and select a small number of highly educated and talented ghost writers to save you the time and trouble of finding your own.

[2] We perform a rigorous quality control process and hold our writers and editors to account so that you don’t have to. There is no need for you to check the originality or quality of the work.

[3] We sign an NDA so you may rest assured that your confidentiality is safe with us.

[4] Once we have agreed an outline of the book and a schedule for delivery, there is no need for you to micromanage the production process as we do this for you.

[5] You can spend as much, or as little time as you choose communicating with us. The work will continue unabated when you are away on vacation or busy doing something else.

[6] Quality is guaranteed. We do not stop refining the work or sign off a project until you are satisfied.

[7] We transform your idea into a polished and publishable final product.

[8] We provide aftercare for marketing and publication, even after your book is finally completed. We do not abandon our clients once the content is completed.

Your literary image is safe in our hands…

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