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How to crowdfund your book

Understandably, many aspiring authors find the prospect of transforming their ideas and experiences into the written word rather daunting. It is not just the thought of having to write reams and ensure that there are no embarrassing factual flaws or typographical errors, but also the cost of the time that is entailed, whether you intend to commit months of your own time or that of an editor or ghostwriter. Time is, after all, money.

Does crowdfunding provide the prospective author with an effective solution for turning their ideas into intellectual property? As you might imagine, it does, although the world of crowdfunding has evolved far beyond simply ‘passing the hat around’ to become a sophisticated market which also caters to the specialist niche of publishing. There are already a number of crowdfunding sites which are dedicated exclusively to authors, including & inter alia.

If you need funding to make your book a reality, then the solution may be only a click away…

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