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How do we add value for our customers?

We assign the right horse for the right course

All clients are unique individuals. Some clients like a crisp, no-nonsense style of writing; while others prefer the flamboyant and the eloquent over the dry and diligent. Thus we retain the services of more than a hundred writers and editors so we can ensure that we have a suitable stablemate for any new author who comes to us. We allow you to choose your wordsmith.

Quality demands quality control

We serve as the independent arbiter to ensure that all the work is completed to the desired standard. This includes secondary editing, proofreading and, where necessary, a scan to ensure that all content is original. Our wordsmiths don’t get paid until the client is justifiably satisfied. We deliver each chapter in turn, and don’t begin the next chapter until you are happy with the previous one.

First we seek to understand your needs

Many clients who come to us are not entirely sure what they need. They often come with an inkling of an idea and require an experienced set of ears to help to crystallise their ideas into words and their vision into a polished final product. Before a word is written or edited, or a penny changes hands, we listen attentively.

We plan the journey and work at your pace

The first step of the process is to plan the content of the book. We do this for every new project to ensure that we are all on the same page and share the same vision as our author. Every individual client has an optimal pace at which they feel comfortable. Some clients like to take their time, while others are in a hurry to meet a schedule. We work to the beat of our client’s drum and deliver one chapter at a time.

We guide you through the process from your original idea to publication

Beginning your first book might seem a daunting prospect. Initially, there might appear to be an ocean of words to traverse, an endless chopping of oars through rough waters, and a constant battle against headwinds. Relax. We are here to plan and guide the process for you, with a chapter-by-chapter approach to delivery, so that you can see the book taking shape according to your design.

We don’t abandon our clients

Once your book has been completed, we will be there to provide guidance and advice throughout the process of publication and marketing. Working with our clients is more than an arrangement, it is a binding commitment.

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