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Becoming a published author with Star Ghostwriters

The transformation from occasional blogger or daily diarist to fully-fledged author is not as dramatic as it may first appear. In essence when we decide to publish our thoughts and ideas we are merely holding a conversation with like minds rather than electing to keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves. On another level, however, becoming an author is not unlike the metamorphosis of a chrysalis into a butterfly. Remaining within the confines of the chrysalis can be a lonely and isolated place and, although it affords a sense of privacy, only a freshly unveiled butterfly is empowered to add its beauty and grace to the world.

For those who fear sharing their insights there is always the option of a pen name - the writer’s equivalent of a brand. Many successful authors, such as Jackie Collins or E.L. James, made their considerable fortunes by adopting Oscar Wilde’s favourite maxim that, if in doubt, one should simply ‘publish and be damned’. Sharing your imagination and insights through the medium of publication is a strangely liberating experience. While our contemporaries may dominate the conversations across the boardrooms, dinner tables and locker rooms of the world, the published author always holds ‘air superiority’, as ‘the pen is truly mightier than the sword’. Besides, there is nothing quite as gratifying as having a kindred spirit complimenting you on how your words changed their entire perspective on life.

Publishing is undoubtedly the most efficient way of communicating your ideas, sparing you all those awkward exchanges and interjections. Besides, other than extending your audience far beyond the confines of the coffee table, it saves you from having to repeat yourself a thousand times. As a society, we define and navigate our rich and complex culture through the medium of storytelling and, by sharing your narrative, you are adding to the diversity of our rich social tapestry. The one great positive of the new digital age is that it has never been easier or more affordable to publish in print or online, and the most effective form of marketing, namely social media, is swift, free and efficient.

However, we must consider first things first and, although seeking to become a celebrated author may initially seem a daunting journey, every worthwhile expedition begins with a single step. As an embryonic author, your first decision will be how to transform your random thoughts and memories into the medium of the polished written word. In effect, the choice is whether to opt for an editor or a bona fide ghost writer. Sometimes it is simply easier to record your thoughts onto a voice recorder, a task that has been made even easier by the advent of the mobile app, and then to have your thoughts transcribed and edited into a fluent narrative. Alternatively, you may prefer to transform a daily diary into an entire work and then send it to be edited into a publishable work by an editor’s experienced eyes. For those who struggle to find the precious time even to record their ideas, there is always the option of the seasoned ghost writer. Afforded only a precious glimpse into your mind’s eye, they can adapt your idea and to transform your vision into a final polished product.

All that stands before you and a life-changing book is the determination to listen to your muse…

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