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The six secrets to writing a bestseller

Every book has a life of its own, with a specific identity, personality and set of admirers. As with any individual, a book can be charismatic, persuasive, or even enigmatic. Whether the work is a biography, a romantic novel, a thriller, or a record of actual events, the key to its success lies in its ability to hold an audience enthralled and unable to stop reading.

The notion that a book is either of broad or narrow interest is rather misleading, as there is no such thing in publishing as a book (or magazine) that is of general interest. Any book that successfully finds its niche, be this the childhood adventures of Harry Potter or the seductive power of Fifty Shades of Grey, only reaches a fraction of the population.

For a book to be successful, there are a number of criteria that must be satisfied. The first is that the content must engage the interest and imagination of a specific genre, whether this be the realm of fantasy, reality or fiction. Thus the author must understand and speak the language of their target audience fluently.

The second key is that the content must be vivid, evocative and expressed lucidly, so that the reader’s visualisations may flow uninterrupted by awkward or dull passages.

The third is that the book must either be a departure from all that has gone before, or else be a faithful continuation of a successful series of stories. In other words, it must be interesting to its readership and not trigger the tired sigh of déjà vu. We all love a well-written and well-directed storyline that holds us spellbound, one which keeps us waiting in bated anticipation for the next unexpected twist or turn.

The fourth key is to create characters which are both absorbing and convincing. Whether the central personae are entirely fictional or the author and associates in biographical form, it is essential that the hero or heroine is one with whom the reader can engage, even within a fantastical plot. If your readers are unable to relate to the central actors then they will not be absorbed by them, and will not care what happens to them or how their fortunes unfold.

The fifth key must possess the ability to unlock the door to your prospective readership. Unless your potential readers are lured by an enticing cover, hooked by a seductive synopsis of what is to follow, and are reeled in to read the first few pages, then your intended fish will not be drawn into your literary net and your long voyage will have been in vain…

The sixth and final key is the fundamental belief that you can and will write a book that sells a million copies. Without this vision your dreams will never come to fruition…

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