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How to begin your book

Books have a life of their own. They begin as a seedling within the unconscious mind, gradually swell to become an idea, and eventually, when the creative urge becomes overwhelming, start life as a few tentative paragraphs or chapters on an iPad or laptop. This is as far as most would-be authors ever get, as life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. We soon become distracted, otherwise obligated, or forced to attend to 'higher priorities'. Before long the shoots of an idea are left to wither and die within a neglected archive. This is where the professional ghostwriter comes into play. Able to type at speed, with a sharpened turn of phrase and polished grammar, they can take the seed of an idea and transform it, within a matter of weeks, into a completed narrative. Naturally they need to be inspired by your idea to be able to run with it, but the seed of an idea is swiftly carried through the internet as an audio MP3 file or as a set of notes. You will soon get to know your ghostwriter as a trusted acquaintance after a few conversations by Email or telephone, and before long you will become a team united by a common goal. So why not jot down a few ideas and inspirations, or record some thoughts on your mobile phone? These are easily produced in a spare moment, and are even easier to pass on via the Internet, yet once forgotten are forever lost. If life gets in the way at this point, then we are here to carry the torch for you...

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